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Workshop by Network "Arts and the Transcultural"

May 09, 2014

The Interdisciplinary Research Group Net1 "Arts and the Transcultural" organised a workshop on "Visual Arts, Museum Practices and Display". It took place on Friday, May 9, at the Karl Jaspers Centre.

“Visual arts, museum practices and display”, the second main focus of the interdisciplinary research group Net1 “Arts and the Transcultural” explores how certain localities, their histories and cultural conventions give rise to broader topographies of display such as temple exhibitions, transnational artists’ networks or tea gatherings in late medieval through modern Japan, literati gatherings in early modern China or the international 21st century biennale-system. What are the implications of transculturally mobile objects, artists and displays for curatorial practice and what kinds of spectatorial experiences (in various museum settings) do they induce?

The workshop focused on museum practices and problems of display in line with this second research focus. The keynote lecture was given by Annapurna Garimella on the most recent project of the research and design organisation Jackfruit: Vernacular, in the Contemporary (Devi Art Foundation, New Delhi). In the context of this exhibition focusing on the vernacular,  shifts of the art historical and institutional terms for understanding and theorizing visual art will be addressed. The morning session of the workshop centred on South Asian Art and its display and museum practices.The second part of the workshop addressed modalities of display in museum contexts of East Asian objects.

The network project "Arts and the Transcultural" is coordinated by Christiane Brosius, Cathrine Bublatzky, Monica Juneja, Franziska Koch, and Melanie Trede. Based on collaborative research and publications, joint teaching and research colloquia/symposia at Heidelberg University, the research network aims to strengthen the foundations of ongoing research and to provide fresh impulses emanating from the Heidelberg Cluster of Excellence to practitioners of art history, anthropology and visual culture within and beyond Heidelberg.

More information:
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