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Workshop on Global Pentecostalism

Jul 15, 2013

“Social Dynamics of Global Pentecostalism: Gender, Social Change and Upward Mobility” was the title of the workshop held by Bernice Martin (University of London) and David Martin (London School of Economics) on July 17, 6 pm at the Karl Jaspers Centre. The workshop was organised by the Junior Research Group “Transcultural Dynamics of Pentecostalism”.

Bernice Martin addressed the “gender paradox” in global Pentecostalism. Furthermore, she discussed its tendency to deliver better conditions of life to women without detracting from the precarious dignity of men, especially with regard to the "subordinated masculinities" in poor sectors and post-colonial cultures. David Martin discussed Pentecostalism as an alternative form of modernity: populist, transnational, this-worldly, and offering betterment and mobility to the aspiring, as well as a version of charismatic spirituality and self-expression in a therapeutic community with a spontaneous liturgy.

The workshop took place on July 17 in room 212 at Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies in Heidelberg.

The event was organised by Junior Research Group “Transcultural Dynamics of Pentecostalism”, coordinated by Katja Rakow, in cooperation with the Department of History of Religions and Intercultural Theology at the Faculty of Theology at Heidelberg University. The Junior Research Group focuses on the transformation of late-modern Pentecostal moral codes and modes of subjectivation, questions on identity and the negotiation of boundaries in the nexus of globalising processes and localised public spheres in contemporary Singapore.


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