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Workshop on Contemporary Art – Globalization and Locality

Apr 15, 2015

On March 21, 2015, Marlène Harles, affiliated member of B20 "Rethinking Art", conducted a workshop on contemporary art – globalization and locality in Kathmandu, Nepal. The workshop was part of the "Curating Workshop Series" organized by the Siddhartha Arts Foundation Education Initiative and brought together key figures of the local contemporary art landscape. It dealt with local art production in relation to contemporary global processes.

Art events, such as exhibitions, fairs and project based happenings constitute a place where the global and the local art discourse are negotiated. They illustrate current trends, such as the proliferation of performance art and address critical issues such as gentrification and the preservation of heritage. They indicate processes of urban development, practices of community building and the flow of ideas/objects. Besides these similarities, events can happen on very different scales; while some are limited to a specific neighborhood or an urban setting, others are regional, international or even global in scope.

Through the focus on three such events, the participants were given the possibility to explore how artists, curators and audiences interact with locality, engage with its distinct and versatile characteristics and how they manage to make it their own. The workshop also discussed issues related to globalization, their effect on contemporary art-making, its practitioners and the people involved with it (curators, managers, collectors, writers,…). Through particular case studies, strategies of place-making and meaning-making were exemplified.


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