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Workshop in Oslo on South Asian Festivals

Jun 22, 2011

Project B14 "Religion on Stage", coordinated by Prof. Axel Michaels and Prof. William S. Sax, organised a workshop with Oslo University from June 23 to 25, 2011. Scholars including Prof. Christiane Brosius, Prof. Ute Hüsken and Dr. Karin Polit discussed the topic "South Asian Festivals on the Move".

The conference was organised in cooperation with the research project "Perspectives on Festivity" of the Department for Culture Studies and Oriental Languages at Oslo University. The project is coordinated by Prof. Ute Hüsken.

The programme consisted of the five sessions "Festivals as Sites of Public Negotiation – Between Social Coherence and Social Division", "Political Festivals and the Festive Aspects of Political Activities", "Festivals in the Diaspora and at Home: The Old, the New, and the Old Renewed", "The Global and the Local: Space, Design and New Concerns", and "Festivals as Heritage – Remodeling of Group Identities".

The proceedings of the workshop "South Asian Festivals on the Move" will be published as a volume in the series "Ethno-Indology" (Harrassowitz) in 2012. In addition, a more visually oriented special issue of the magazine Marg will be published.

Research project B14 "Religion on Stage" is coordinated by Prof. Axel Michaels and Prof. William S. Sax. It analyses traditional South Asian performances in media, markets and tourism from a transcultural perspective.

Visit the workshop website for further information.


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