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Website and Project Launch "Elderscapes"

Jan 19, 2016

The transmedia project "Elderscapes. Ageing in Urban South Asia" was launched and presented on January 27 at the Karl Jaspers Centre. The project has been directed and developed by Annika Mayer and Roberta Mandoki, both members of project B19, and filmmaker Jakob Gross for the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology, Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius.

The visual project "Elderscapes. Ageing in Urban South Asia" is based on the PhD research of Annika Mayer in Delhi, India, and Roberta Mandoki in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. It offers an insight into contemporary everyday life of older people from the middle class in urban South Asia. South Asia’s cities are growing rapidly, and longevity is rising simultaneously leading to urban and social change. In this process, perspectives of older people, but also their needs and potentials have to be considered. The project focuses on the social commitment of older persons, their everyday life and social bonding, on their memories as well as perspectives on what it means to grow old in a city.

"Elderscapes" is an interactive website which combines multiple forms of media such as images, films, sounds and texts. Older people show their city and their activities from their own view and reflect on the changes they have witnessed. The heterogeneity of experiencing older age can individually be explored along different topical lines. The non-linear transmedia format supports the illustration of very diverse experiences since it allows to include a larger amount of different material than a linear documentary.

The website was launched on January 27 and is permanently accessible from that date onwards: www.uni-heidelberg.de/elderscapes

Annika Mayer and Roberta Mandoki pursue their doctorate within the research project "Ageing in a Transcultural Context" (B19). They are supervised by Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius, Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology. The project has been produced by the film production company FinkFilms, Jakob Gross.

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Read the press release here  in German or English or on the website of Heidelberg University in German or English.



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