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Special Issue on the Making of Neoliberal India

Dec 20, 2013

"The Making of Neoliberal India" is a new publication edited by Dr. Patrick Neveling and the two Cluster members Dr. Christian Strümpell and Dr. Daniel Münster. The special issue of the journal "Contributions to Indian Sociology" is available online.

This special issue brings together ethnographic accounts exploring local and regional effects of transformations in India that social scientists have described under the heading of "neoliberalism". Chief among these transformations in India are the economic restructuring processes after 1991 when the Government of India launched far-reaching policies of economic liberalisation, arguably under the pressure of global financial institutions. Acknowledging this significant turning point, the editors aim to highlight the variegation with which neoliberal ideas, policies and technologies are dispersed and experienced among different segments of the population. In doing so, the authors of this special issue pursue an ethnographically informed "grounding" of large neoliberal transformations. In Michael Burawoy’s terms, such grounding is about "extending out from the micro-processes to macro forces, from the space–time rhythms of the site to the geographical and historical context of the field".

The publication includes articles by Dilip Subramanian, Grace Carswell and Geert De Neve as well as the by the guest editors Patrick Neveling, Christian Strümpell and Daniel Münster. In addition, the volume provides a review essay by Jan Breman and several book reviews. The special issue "The Making of Neoliberal India" of the journal "Contributions to Indian Sociology" was published by Sage Journal. The academic magazine presents a diversity of theoretical approaches to the study of society in India.

Dr. Patrick Neveling is Visiting Fellow at the Institute for European Global Studies at the University of Basel. Dr. Christian Strümpell is Assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology at Heidelberg University's South Asia Institute and was affiliated with the Cluster's research project "Stress and Stress-Relief". Dr. Daniel Münster is coordinator of the Junior Research Group "Agrarian Alternatives" at the Cluster "Asia and Europe in a Global Context".

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Special issue "The Making of Neoliberal India"


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