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Talk and Film on Garment Factories in Bangladesh

May 21, 2013

PhD student Hasan Ashraf gave a talk on the recent incidents in Bangladesh, followed by the screening of a documentary on garment factories in Bangladesh. The event was held on Wednesday, 22 May, at 6 pm in the Karl Jaspers Centre, room 212. Donations for the victims of the factory collapse are welcome.

The event started with a short talk on the factory collapse in Bangladesh last month by Hasan Ashraf. Ashraf, a former PhD student of the Cluster, is currently graduating at Heidelberg's South Asia Institute. For his doctoral project, he did extensive research on garment factories in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Interviews with him have appeared in several national and regional media outlets in Germany. Subsequently to his talk, a documentary film on garment factories in Bangladesh was shown. The event concluded with a discussion and collection of donations for victims of the factory collapse.

Last month’s factory collapse in Bangladesh claimed the lives of more than 1000 people and has left 2500 injured. The event will raise money for the injured workers and their families. Donations will go to a grassroots community-based network located in Dhaka, which does not have any political affiliation. The network has set up a list of injured workers, which it is using to provide aid of all kinds: medical, food, cash-in-hand. The network has been involved directly in the rescue mission and is committed to long-term rehabilitation.

The event was organised by the Cluster's graduate students Hasan Ashraf, Zara Barlas, and Paul Fletcher. If you want to learn more about the donation process contact Paul Fletcher.


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  • After the factory collapse in Bangladesh (picture by Sharat Chowdhury)

  • Paul Fletcher, Hasan Ashraf, Zara Barlas during Q&A session