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Symposium in Honour of Monica Juneja

Feb 10, 2016

The symposium "The Pleasure of Challenging Representation – Writing Global (Art) History" was held on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Prof. Dr. Monica Juneja, Chair of Global Art History at the Cluster "Asia and Europe". The research symposium took place on February 10 and was followed by a celebratory evening.

The symposium took stock of current research approaches in the related fields of global (art) history focusing on comparative and cross-disciplinary perspectives. Seven years after the foundation of the first chair of global art history in the German-speaking countries, held by Monica Juneja at Heidelberg University, the symposium invited prominent scholars and collaborators to critically revisit the local and global reception as well as the methodological relevance of its transcultural research agenda. They dialogically explored the “pleasure of challenging representation” in its double sense: the (art) historian’s methodological task to challenge representation – be it textual or visual – and the additional demands that result from representations of artifacts, concepts, and cultural practices that do challenge historiography because they circulate and take on new meanings across time and cultural divides. Thus, a more flexible and reflexive definition of conventional research units when addressing the “global” in (art) history is being called for.

The symposium was followed by a surprise program jointly organized by colleagues, students, and friends celebrating the academic achievements of Monica Juneja on the occasion of her 60th birthday. The event was coordinated by Franziska Koch and Jennifer Pochodzalla and supported by the Cluster "Asia and Europe" and the Institute for European Art History.

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