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Summer School ends with Poster Presentations

Aug 08, 2013

The Cluster´s Summer School “Sites of Knowledge: Space, Locality, and Circulation between Asia and Europe” finished with poster presentations by the participants. From 4 to 8 August, 25 young scholars from around the world and various disciplines explored the significance of space and locality for the generation and circulation of knowledge.

Starting from the premise that space and place shape the social interactions in which knowledge is made and remade, the Summer School addressed questions such as: Is all knowledge local? Does the situatedness of knowledge preclude claims to ‘truth’ and ‘universality’? And how can we best conceptualize the liminal spaces in which knowledge is traded or transmitted? Among others, the sessions focused on selected places involved in circulations of knowledge between and within early modern Asia and Europe - ranging from courts, schools, academies, temples, and observatories to print shops, bazaars, roadhouses, ports and ships.

The programme has been designed to provide stimulating discussions and new inspiration for graduate and junior research work, to exchange ideas and test methods from individual research projects and to actively engage with an international group of peers and senior. The keynote lecture was presented by Christian Jacob (Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris). Speakers included Dhruv Raina (Delhi), Fan Fa-ti (New York), Stephan Günzel (Berlin), Eric Hayot (Pennsylvania), Henrique Leitao (Lisbon), Martin Dusinberre (Newcastle/Heidelberg) and Frank Grüner, Rui Magone, Joachim Kurtz and Markus Viehbeck from Heidelberg University.

The Cluster’s Summer School 2013 was organised by Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz, Professor of "Intellectual History" and Speaker of Research Area C "Knowledge Systems”, and Dr. Martin Hofmann, Assistant Professor of East Asian Intellectual History.

View impressions of the Summer School 2013 in the photo gallery


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