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Heidelberg-Kyoto Student Workshop

Jan 11, 2016

The second Heidelberg-Kyoto (Hei-Kyo) student workshop took place on December 4 at Karl Jaspers Centre. Under the title “Sustainability and Development in Europe and Asia, Past and Present”, the workshop provided students from universities of Heidelberg and Kyoto a platform for academic exchange. The event was organised by Dr. Steven Ivings.

In the friendly and warm atmosphere, Dr. Steven Ivings started the event with an introduction. The workshop included three sessions: “Trade, Integration and Reform”, “Issues in Sustainability and the Education Industry”, “Empire, Development and Inequality”. In each session, three students conducted presentations individually, followed by a panel-form discussion with the audience. Student presentations covered a wide range of topics. Some focused on regions in Europe or Asia, such as “Turkey's Current Account Deficit Problem and Integration into the Economic and Monetary Union in the EU”, “Development by Fiscal Aid in Tibet: Sustainable or Not?” Some of them explored the interconnectivity between the two continents, like “The Influences of the Maritime Porcelain Trade”. The workshop ended with a pleasant visit of the participants to the local Christmas Markets in the historical and beautiful old town of Heidelberg.

Kyoto University is one of the major national universities located in Kyoto, Japan. It is the second oldest university in Japan and was formerly one of Japan's Imperial Universities.

The first Hei-Kyo student workshop took place in December 2014.

The workshop “Sustainability and Development in Europe and Asia, Past and Present” is the second workshop between students of Heidelberg and Kyoto. It aims at the creation of a growing academic partnership between the young scholars of both institutions. The event was organised by Dr. Steven Ivings, Assistant Professor in Cultural Economic History at the Cluster.


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