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More funding for Research-based Seminars

Oct 17, 2013

During the upcoming terms two research-based seminars will be held at the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology. The seminars are made possible by funding from Heidelberg University’s “Welcome to Research” programme.

In the winter term 2013/14, Cathrine Bublatzky will teach a seminar on "Photographic Archive and HyperImage", and in the next summer term Prof. Christiane Brosius and Cathrine Bublatzky will jointly teach a course on "Art as Ethnography". Focusing on major research interests of the chair, both of these courses are conceptualised to develop new teaching approaches and to critically reflect on new methodologies and research questions in Visual and Media Anthropology.

The courses will be held in cooperation with the Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA), which provides the online research framework Tamboti. Students will have the opportunity to use this framework for their own projects on photography and art. The new teaching format of providing students in their Master programme with digital research tools for their projects will not only help them to engage critically with theories and methods of Anthropology but also to gather practical experiences in the discipline.

The “Welcome to Research” programme aims to expose students to current issues in research as early as possible and give them the opportunity to learn through conducting their own research.

Christiane Brosius is Cluster Professor of Visual and Media Anthropology and Speaker of Research Area B "Public Spheres". Cathrine Bublatzky is Assistant to the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology.


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