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Release of QuotationFinder 0.5

Oct 11, 2010

A new version of QuotationFinder, a tool for text comparison, has been released and is now available for download.

The QuotationFinder project, part of the Heidelberg Research Architecture, is developing a Java program for the comparison of one text to another text or a textual corpus. The program can be used to find intertextual references such as citations, plagiarism or innuendos.

QuotationFinder 0.5 is both more user-friendly and more powerful than previous versions. The improvements include:

  • Java Web Start: Run the program online
  • New toolbar for easier and more intuitive use of the program
  • Improved editor for adding metadata
  • Options for importing and exporting collections
  • Better support for Mac OS

The program is available on the QuotationFinder homepage, along with test data and a detailed tutorial.


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