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Registration for Annual Conference

Jul 24, 2013

The Annual Conference “Managing Empires: Cooperation, Competition, Conflict” is open for registration. The conference takes place from October 9-11 in Heidelberg and is organised by Prof. Diamantis Panagiotopoulos on behalf of Research Area A "Governance and Administration".

This year’s topic is “Managing Empires. Cooperation, Competition, Conflict”. The thematic focus is the study of the nexus between logistics and power with a special focus on the role of human agency both within and outside the orbit of imperial administrative systems. Setting a very wide temporal and spatial frame and including societies from ancient to modern times and from East to West, the conference will revolve around several manifestations of administrative organisation exploring their significance for establishing and maintaining empires.

The conference features two keynote lectures. On October 9th, the Historian Prof. Michael Broers (Oxford) will speak about cultural imperialism in the first Napoleonic Empire. Prof. Carol Gluck (Columbia), who focuses on Japanese history, will give the second keynote lecture on October 10th, 2013. Four morning panels will discuss different topics about administrative systems and their actors. On Thursday, scholars discuss on “Imagining Administration” and “Chinese Whispers: A Shared Eurasian Imaginaire of Professional Bureaucracy?”.  Elites and managers are the subject of the two morning panels on “Global Elites. Rootless Cosmopolitanism or Provincial Jet-Setters?“ and “Modern (Business-) Empires“ on Friday. Six parallel afternoon panels will be designed to present the results of the wide-ranging research carried out by scholars in the cross-regional and transdisciplinary setting of the Cluster.

To register please fill out the registration form and send it to annualconference@asia-europe.uni-heidelberg.de. No registration is required for members of the Cluster “Asia and Europe”. The Annual Conference will take place at the Old Auditorium of Heidelberg University and the Karl Jaspers Centre in Heidelberg.

The Annual Conference is organised by Prof. Diamantis Panagiotopoulos on behalf of Research Area A “Governance and Administration”.

For further information visit the Annual Conference website.


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