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Christiane Brosius and Nikolas Jaspert coordinate “Transcultural Studies”

Sep 25, 2017

Profs. Christiane Brosius and Nicolas Jaspert were appointed as the new coordinators of the project "Transcultural Studies", which is part of the Excellence Initiative. They will supervise the project, which consists of two Junior Research Groups. Their appointment is a significant step towards a conceptual conjunction with the Cluster "Asia and Europe in a Global Context".

Since summer 2017, the project "Transcultural Studies" is being coordinated and conceptually accompanied by Prof. Christiane Brosius and Prof. Nikolas Jaspert. They are replacing Prof. Vera Nünning as coordinator and will advise and supervise Dr. Jenny Oesterle and Dr. Carsten Wergin as Junior Research Groups Leaders for the research groups "Protection in Periods of Political and Religious Expansion" and "The Transcultural Heritage of Northwest Australia: Dynamics and Resistances".

Thus, an important interdisciplinary and conceptual transition was achieved within "Transcultural Studies", since its Junior Research Groups closely connect to the research areas of Prof. Brosius and Prof. Jaspert. In addition, this is a significant step towards a conceptual conjunction within the HCTS between the project "Transcultural Studies" and the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context". The new coordinators are closely connected with the Cluster as Research Area Speaker and designated director respectively.

The interdisciplinary research project "Transcultural Studies" was founded as a part of the "Institutional Strategy" of the Excellence Initiative, setting the objective to test new career models in the humanities. The main goal of the project is transgression of classical area studies as well as testing new methods of transcultural and interdisciplinary research. This has been achieved by expansion of co-operations within and outside the University and, most importantly, through the establishment of Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies (HCTS). The HCTS combines the complementary work of the project "Transcultural Studies" and the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" through the fusion of both institutions on a conceptual level.

"Transcultural Studies" has become a pioneer-project and feature in the area of Humanities at Heidelberg University through the establishment of independent research groups. These Junior Research Groups concentrate on cultural heritage and shaping of traditions, designs of life and configurations of order in different cultures, the interpretations of world, society, and history in the world religions and transcultural flows, their reciprocities and asymmetries. The Junior Research Groups have achieved remarkable scientific results, as well as national and international visibility, which is provided through international networking and organization of events, research visits, exchange with international specialists and invitations to various conference.

Prof. Christiane Brosius is Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology at the Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) and Speaker of Research Area B "Public Spheres" at the Cluster "Asia and Europe".

Prof. Nikolas Jaspert is Professor of Medieval History at Heidelberg University and former member of project A28 "Commerce in Sicily" at the Cluster "Asia and Europe". He will be director of the Cluster "Asia and Europe" starting October 1, 2017.


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