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New volume co-edited by Nikolas Jaspert

May 30, 2018

Prof. Nikolas Jaspert, acting director of the HCTS, co-edited the volume “Ein Meer und seine Heiligen. Hagiographie im mittelalterlichen Mediterraneum,” which was published with the Wilhelm Fink Verlag. The publication is comprised of articles about the relationship between religion, piety and the sea from the viewpoints of various disciplines such as art history, archeology or Byzantine studies.

Storms and tempests, distress and shipwreck, attacks by pirates, disorientation or being stranded on a foreign coast – these and similar motifs frequently appear in travel reports or literary depictions of sea voyages in various cultural and religious contexts of the Mediterranean. Maritime hagiography that narrates such occurrences is particularly suitable for transcultural and interdisciplinary studies.

For a variety of Mediterranean relationships, the veneration of saints in texts, images, and other forms played a significant role. Great importance was assigned to those higher powers that were believed to bring rescue and protection against the dangers of the sea: patron saints who were associated with the sea and who were addressed for help. In the varied milieus of merchants, sailors, or coastal dwellers, these saints were particularly worshipped.

"Ein Meer und seine Heiligen. Hagiographie im mittelalterlichen Mediterraneum" was jointly edited by Nikolas Jaspert, Christian A. Neumann, and Marco di Branco. The volume was published with Wilhelm Fink Verlag as part 18 of the series "Mittelmeerstudien."

Prof. Nikolas Jaspert is the acting director of the Cluster "Asia and Europe" and professor of Medieval History at Heidelberg University.


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