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New Volume on Oriental Cults

Jun 29, 2017

Three former members of Cluster project D7 edited the volume "Entangled Worlds: Religious Confluences between East and West in the Roman Empire. The Cults of Isis, Mithras, and Jupiter Dolichenus". The book was published with Mohr Siebeck within the series "Orientalische Religionen in der Antike".

The volume was edited by Prof. Joachim Friedrich Quack, Deputy Speaker of Research Area C, former Cluster member Prof. Christian Witschel and Associate Member Dr. Svenja Nagel. It originated in an international conference that was organized by Cluster project D7 "Oriental Cults. From the Orient to Rome and back again. Religious flows and the expansion of oriental cults in the Roman Empire" at the Inter¬≠nationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH) in November 2009.

Apart from papers by the four project members Prof. Joachim Friedrich Quack, Prof. Christian Witschel, Svenja Nagel and Darius Frackowiak, the volume comprises contributions by the participants of this conference as well as additional research papers concerned with the dynamics of adaptation and transformation of the so-called 'oriental cults' between East and West.

The collective volume deals with the expansion of these so-called oriental cults in the Roman Empire. The concept of 'oriental cults' itself has come under discussion in recent years because it has been questioned whether the cults in question really formed a coherent group and to what degree they might be called 'oriental' at all. This discussion is reflected throughout the papers of the volume, which focus on the three cults of Isis (and Osiris), Mithras and Jupiter Dolichenus. Of special interest are the (alleged) origins of these cults in Egypt, Persia and Northern Syria, their expansion and adaptation within the Roman Empire - through some sort of 'religious flows' - their linguistic and visual expressions as well as the architecture and decoration of sanctuaries and the rituals connected with them.

Find out more about the book on the publisher's homepage.


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