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New version of QuotationFinder available

Mar 09, 2010

QuotationFinder is a project of the Cluster’s “Heidelberg Research Architecture” developing a java-programme for the comparison of one text to another text or a textual corpus. The programme can be used to find intertextual references, such as citations, plagiarisms or innuendos. A new version is now available for download.

The new version has been improved regarding the following features:

- Text Collection Analyzer: compare different editions of a text to each other or a plagiarized text to its original; up to 24 similarity scores are calculated, for example how many words, trigrams or clauses are identical in both texts; pairs of texts may also be viewed side by side with all matching phrases highlighted

- QuotationFinder: compare one text to a whole collection of texts, searching not only for all matching clauses or subclauses, but also for n-Grams

- New user-friendly graphical interface

QuotationFinder is available at  

For more information on the QuotationFinder project, please see here


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