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New Start-Up Professors for Transcultural Studies

Jul 23, 2014

Prof. Christian Förster and Prof. Daniel König are the new Start-Up Professors at the Cluster “Asia and Europe”. Daniel König has started as Professor for Transcultural Studies with a humanities focus in April. Since July, Christian Förster joined him as Professor for Transcultural Studies with a focus on the social sciences.

The Cluster has established two start-up professorships in transcultural studies in 2014. One professorship emphasizes a philological, historical approach, while the other focuses on the social sciences. The professors develop the transcultural and transdisciplinary research potential and contribute to the teaching in the Master and the Graduate Programme.

Christian Förster, Professor for Transcultural Studies (social sciences), has worked as practicing lawyer in Frankfurt/Main before joining the Cluster in July 2014. He has studied Law and Japanese Studies at Tübingen University, Doshisha University (Kyoto) and the Kansai Japanese-Language Institute (Osaka). He received his doctoral degree from the Faculty of Law, Tübingen University, where he also habilitated in 2009. Prof. Förster has held visiting fellowships in Dublin and Tokyo, and substitute professorships at the Universities of Bonn, Dresden, Frankfurt/Main and Freiburg.

His research focuses on the Law of Obligations as well as Company Law in a comparative perspective. This includes on the one hand „western“ legal systems (mainly German and French Civil Law as well as Anglo-American Common Law) and on the other hand the „eastern“ side consisting of Japanese, South Korean and Chinese Law.

Daniel König, Professor for Transcultural Studies (humanities), took up his position at the Cluster in April 2014. He received his doctoral degree in Medieval History from the University of Bonn in 2006. Subsequently, he was responsible researcher for Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages at the German Historical Institute in Paris and lecturer and researcher at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. Since 2012 he coordinates the DFG-Network "Transcultural Entanglements in the Medieval Euromediterranean (500-1500)".

His field of research addresses the history of the Euromediterranean in the period between Late Antiquity and the Early Modern Age (ca. 300-1700) with a special focus on relations between Western Europe and the Arabic-Islamic world. In particular, he aims to write a social history of linguistic entanglement between Latin and Arabic in a period ranging from Antiquity to the 20th century.


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