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New Round of Graduate Programme

Oct 18, 2015

The Cluster/HCTS welcomes four new doctoral students who join the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS) this year. They will pursue their projects at the Karl Jaspers Centre for three academic years.

The doctoral students, who come from China, Germany, and Italy, were selected out of roughly 180 applicants. At an info session on October 12, Acting Director Prof. Axel Michaels welcomed the new students, and Programme Coordinator Jule Nowoitnick introduced them to the Cluster and the GPTS.

The new GPTS students will conduct their own research projects on different research topics. Daniela Cappello will research on “Obscenity and Desecration: Practices of Dissent in the Bengali Hungry Generation movement of 1960s”. Feng He’s research project is “From Jingdezhen to Dresden: Transcultural Interaction of Art and Idea on Chinese export Porcelain, 17th to 18th century”. Xinzi Rao ’s doctoral project is named “Bibles, Hymns, and Video Clips – Media Practices of Chinese Christians in Germany and France”. Maria Römer will research on “Emotion and Écriture in Abe Kazushige’s 90s Fiction”.

During the first year of their studies at Karl Jaspers Centre, the doctoral students will attend a series of thematically focused classes. The second year of their programme is reserved for field research and the third will be spent writing up and presenting the findings of their research.

The Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies constitutes an essential part of the Cluster’s work and shares its thematic focus on shifting asymmetries in cultural flows between Asia and Europe. GPTS combines the European model of highly individualized doctoral studies with a well-structured framework of guided courses, supervision and mentoring. Since 2008, there have already been six rounds of GPTS students at the Cluster.

You can find more information on the GPTS website.


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