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New Issue of the E-Journal “Transcultural Studies”

Jul 01, 2013

The new issue of the e-journal Transcultural Studies is now available online. The issue features articles by Yu-Chih Lai, Takeharu Ôkubo, Diamantis Panagiotopoulos and Barbara Mittler.

The issue opens with an editor’s note by Monica Juneja. She introduces the four essays which focus on investigating problems of transcultural mobility. The first part includes translations of Chinese and Japanese essays. The first essay, “Images, Knowledges and Empire: Depicting Cassowaries in the Qing Court” by Yu-Chih-Lai, in a translation by Philip Hand, tracks the production at the Qianlong court of images and writing and aims to show how Qianlong accessed, selected, and transformed information and images from Europe. Most importantly, the appropriated European information and images contributed to the innovative construction of a universal system of knowledge, helping to rewrite the traditional narrative of emperorship. The second essay by Takeharu Ôkubo “Ono Azusa and the Meiji Constitution: The Codification and Study of Roman Law and the Dawn of Modern Japan” was translated from the Japanese by Gaynor Sekimori. This essay sheds light on the study of Roman law and the theory of constitutions by the late nineteenth century Japanese political philosopher Ono Azusa.

Two articles follow in the second part of the journal. Diamantis Panagiotopoulos writes on “Material versus Design: An Transcultural Approach to the Two contrasting Properties of Things”. In his essay, he explores key terms used to describe transcultural mobility and the meanings linked to these terms in societies of the Eastern Mediterranean centuries before globalization. In the article “´Enjoying the Four Olds!´ Oral Histories from a ´Cultural Desert´”, Barbara Mittler focuses on material objects, especially printed books from China´s Cultural Revolution. In the essay she relates the process of destruction to transculturality and cultural consumption. 

Initiated in 2010, Transcultural Studies is published by the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" at Heidelberg University and hosted by the University Library of the same institution. This peer-reviewed, open-access journal is committed to promoting the knowledge and research of "transculturality" in all disciplines. The journal's editors are Rudolf G. Wagner and Monica Juneja; its managing editor is Andrea Hacker.

Transcultural Studies can be found at www.transculturalstudies.org



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