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New Book on the History of Crises

May 21, 2013

A new book on the history of crises is available. Edited by Carla Meyer, Katja Patzel-Mattern and Gerrit Jasper Schenk, it is part of the series "Vierteljahrschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte".

The book "Krisengeschichte(n). 'Krise' als Leitbegriff und Erzählmuster in kulturwissenschaftlicher Perspektive" discusses the role of the term "crisis" and whether it suits as a key concept in the field of cultural studies. It aims to answer how to identify historical narratives of a crisis and how to describe a crisis in its structure and impact.

The 19 articles by experts are grouped in two main sections: "The Crisis as a Key Concept in the Transdisciplinary Discourse" and "The Crisis as a Model to Interpret History and the Hermeneutic Consequences of Historical Narratives". The first part includes articles, for example, by Ansgar Nünning who examines the crisis as a narrative and metaphor. The second part consists of articles by several experts and the editors who write about how to understand, interpret and face the "crisis". The scope of the articles ranges from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

“Krisengeschichte(n)” is based on a conference that took place at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” in summer 2009. The book has been published in the series “Vierteljahrschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte“ by Steiner. It is edited by Dr. Carla Meyer, Prof. Katja Patzel-Mattern and Prof. Gerrit Jasper Schenk and has 432 pages. It has mainly been funded by the Cluster-Project A 6 "Cultures of Disaster. Shifting Asymmetries between Societies, Cultures, and Nature from a Comparative Historical and Transcultural Perspective" which was coordinated by Prof. Gerrit Jasper Schenk.

Dr. Carla Meyer
teaches at the "Institut für Fränkisch-Pfälzische Geschichte und Landeskunde" at Heidelberg University. Prof. Katja Partzel-Mattern is Professor for Economic and Social History and equal opportunity commissioner at the Faculty of Philosophy at Heidelberg University. Prof. Gerrit Jasper Schenk is Professor of Medieval History at the Technical University Darmstadt and Cp-Coordinator of the Cluster project D17 "Images of Disasters".


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