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New book on Early Modern History

Jun 09, 2014

A new book on Early Modern History by Prof. Dr. Thomas Maissen is now available. The volume gives an overview of the political, social, economic and cultural changes between 1492 and 1789.

Covering all important key events of European History, the volume “Geschichte der Frühen Neuzeit” starts off with the invention of letterpress and the discovery of America in the late 15th century. Further, it covers the Industrial and French Revolution, Humanism, Reformation and the Thirty Years War. Finally, the conditions for the rise of Great Britain and Prussia in the European system of Balance of Power are explained from different perspectives.

“Geschichte der Frühen Neuzeit” – 128 pages was published by C.H. Beck publishers in 2013. The book is part of the series “C.H.Beck Wissen“.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Maissen is professor of Modern History at Heidelberg University and director of the Deutsches Historisches Institut in Paris. Until 2013, he was co-director of the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" .


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