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New volume co-edited by Nikolas Jaspert

Sep 14, 2018

HCTS director Prof. Nikolas Jaspert edited the volume „Entre mers - Outre-mer: Spaces, Modes and Agents of Indo-Mediterranean Connectivity“ together with Dr. Sebastian Kolditz. It was published by Heidelberg University Publishing, and comprises twelve essays related to transmarine relations between seas and imaginations of lands.

The history of individual seascapes has recently become a vibrant and innovative field of research. Yet, connections between seas (Entre mers) and imaginations of lands "beyond the sea" (Outre-mers) have only rarely been the focus in these contexts. The main aim of the collection of essays is to fill this research gap, as the individual papers treat various aspects of transmarine connections, their regulation and mental expansion in an Indo-Mediterranean context.

The latter comprises the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean as well as projections of seaways spanning a wide chronological spectrum reaching from Egyptian antiquity to the onset of the Atlantic Age in the sixteenth century. Within this context, the papers talk about Egypt and Indo-Mediterranean connectivity in the ancient world, geographic imagination and the Western routes "Entre mers," the plurality of medieval Outre-mers and early modern patterns of controlling and prohibiting maritime space.

The editors Jaspert and Kolditz wrote the introductory article to "Entre mers - Outre-mer: Spaces, Modes and Agents of Indo-Mediterranean Connectivity." Furthermore, the book comprises essays by former and associate members of the Cluster: Prof. Joachim Friedrich Quack, the professor of Egyptology at Heidelberg University and the Cluster's Deputy Speaker of Research Area C "Health & Environment," former Cluster members Dr. Christoph Mauntel, and Prof. Gita Dharampal Frick, Prof. Daniel G. König, Start-Up Professor of Humanities at the HCTS, and Cluster associate member Susan Richter, the professor of History of Early Modern Times at the Department of History at Heidelberg University.

The publication is based on the conference "Entre Mers – Outre-Mer: Spaces, Modes and Agents of Indo-Mediterranean Connectivity (3rd Century BCE –18th Century)" that was held at Heidelberg University in 2014. It was organized by Nikolas Jaspert and Sebastian Kolditz as well.

"Entre mers - Outre-mer: Spaces, Modes and Agents of Indo-Mediterranean Connectivity" was published with Heidelberg University Publishing.

Prof. Nikolas Jaspert is director of the Cluster "Asia and Europe" and the Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies (HCTS), and professor of Medieval History at Heidelberg University. Dr. Sebastian Kolditz is working with Prof. Nikolas Jaspert at the Historical Seminar of Heidelberg University.


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