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Max Weber Prize for Johannes Quack

Apr 15, 2013

Cluster member Dr. Johannes Quack has been awarded a prize by the Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies at the University of Erfurt. The Max Weber Prize honours outstanding dissertations. Dr. Quack specialized in his thesis on rationalism in India.

India is frequently represented as the quintessential land of religion.  In “Disenchanting India: Organized Rationalism and Criticism on Religion in India”, Dr. Johannes Quack challenges this representation through an examination of the contemporary Indian rationalist movement, which affirms the values and attitudes of atheism, humanism, or free-thinking. Quack shows the rationalists' emphasis on maintaining links to atheism and materialism in ancient India and outlines their strong ties to the intellectual currents of modern European history.

The Max Weber Prize for young researchers is awarded every two years. This prize honours outstanding achievements of young scientists within the framework of Weber’s research programme in the field of religious research. The Max Weber Prize is supported by the Sparkassenstiftung Erfurt.

Dr. Johannes Quack is Leader of the Emmy Neother Research Group “Diversity of Non-Religiosity” at Goethe University Frankfurt. Quack is an associated member of the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”. As a researcher in Social and Cultural Anthropology, he works primarily on topics related to religion.

Laudatio for Dr. Johannes Quack (in German, PDF 90KB)


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