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Discussion on Political Theory and Transculturality

May 19, 2015

Political discourse theory and poststructuralism were the topics of two events with Prof. David Howarth (University of Essex) held in May. The political theorist was invited by the working group "Political Theory and Transculturality", an initiative by the Junior Research Group "Transcultural Dynamics of Pentecostalism", MC3 "Negotiating Religious Identities", and MC7 "Political Legitimation".

"Nature, Culture, and Agency. 'Immanent Naturalism' and 'New Materialism' in a poststructuralist perspective" was the title of Prof. Howarth's well-attended lecture, in which he engaged in a critical analysis of William Connolly’s work. He then went on to participate in a workshop to discuss his ideas and writings, and especially his notion of public discourse theory.

David Howarth is a Professor in the Department of Government and the Co-Director for the Centre for Theoretical Studies at the University of Essex. His main interests are poststructuralist theories of society and politics, focusing especially on the empirical study of political ideologies and the intersections between identity, difference, and subjectivity. Howarth has authored and co-authored a number of books, most recently an edited volume on the political philosopher Ernesto Laclau titled "Ernesto Laclau: Post-Marxism, Populism and Critique" (2015).

The working group "Political Theory and Transculturality" is a cooperation between the Junior Research Group "Transcultural Dynamics of Pentecostalism", MC3 "Negotiating Religious Identities", and MC7 "Political Legitimation". It has been established to engage with recent theories of poststructuralism and their applicability for the study of broader concepts of transculturality. The working group is coordinated by Dr. Katja Rakow, Prof. Michael Bergunder and Jürgen Schaflechner.


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  • Prof. David Howarth during his lecture