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Workshop on Chinese Calligraphy

Nov 04, 2011

A group of 28 calligraphers from Taiwan visited the Cluster "Asia and Europe" for a workshop on Thursday afternoon. The famous Taiwanese calligrapher Pan Chin Chung gave the introductory lecture.  

The workshop began with a round of greetings and presents to organiser Prof. Barbara Mittler, who had invited the calligraphers as part of the celebrations of Heidelberg University`s 625th anniversary. After the welcome session a lecture was given by Pan Chin Chung, who is also the founder of the Chinese Calligraphy Heritage Institute in Taipei. Later, the workshop participants set themselves to work with paint brush, ink and paper to create their own calligraphies.

Workshop and lecture were held in Mandarin, but English translations were provided throughout the event by Kaja Müller-Wang. Alongside the workshop, there was an exhibition featuring 80 calligraphies the group had prepared in Taiwan. They were given as a present to Prof. Barbara Mittler to mark the beginning of a series of joint workshops and lectures. The calligraphies will be on display at the Cluster, the Institute for Chinese Studies, as well as the Institute for East Asian Art History during the weeks to come.

On Friday, November 4th, Pan Chin Chung demonstrated his art during a performance on university square, Heidelberg. Both the workshop on Thursday and Pan Chin Chung’s performance on Friday were organised by the Cluster's research project D11 "Hidden Grammars", which is coordinated by Prof. Barbara Mittler and Prof. Madeleine Herren-Oesch, together with the Institute of Chinese Studies.


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