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Keynote Lecture by Christian Jacob

Aug 05, 2013

The relationship between knowledge and space was the topic of the keynote lecture of this year’s Summer School “Sites of Knowledge: Space, Locality, and Circulation between Asia and Europe”. The public lecture was held by Christian Jacob (Paris) on Monday, August 5, from 6 – 8 pm at the Karl Jaspers Centre in Heidelberg.

In the lecture “Sites of Knowledge: Scales, Typology, Operations”, Christian Jacob discussed the current trends of a history of knowledge relying on the spatial paradigm. He aimed to contribute to the understanding of dynamics and patterns in the production, circulation and transmission of knowledge through human societies. By emphasizing on the concepts of area, place, border, center and periphery, the lecture´s attempt was to map a new field, at the crossroads of the humanities and the social sciences.

Christian Jacob is Directeur d’études at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and Directeur de recherche at the Centre national de recherches scientifiques, UMR 8210 "Anthropology and History of the Ancient Worlds." His research interests include the history and epistemology of geography and cartography in the Greco-Roman world, the history of libraries and reading, the history of learned practices and their transmission, and the historical and comparative anthropology of knowledge.

The Summer School “Sites of Knowledge: Space, Locality, and Circulation between Asia and Europe” takes place from August 4 to 8, 2013, at the Karl Jaspers Centre in Heidelberg. It sets out to explore the significance of space and locality for the generation and circulation of knowledge. The keynote lecture will be held on August 5, 2013, at 6 pm in room 212 of the Karl Jaspers Centre. The Summer School is organised by Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz, Professor of "Intellectual History" and Speaker of Research Area C "Knowledge Systems”, and Dr. Martin Hofmann, Assistant Professor of East Asian Intellectual History. 

Visit the Summer School website for more information


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