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Kerstin von Lingen accepts professorship at University of Vienna

Dec 03, 2018

PD Dr. Kerstin von Lingen, former Junior Research Group leader at the Cluster and associate member of the HCTS, accepted a professorship at the Department for Contemporary History at the University of Vienna. She will take up her new position within the research focus "Dictatorship, Violence and Genocide" in March 2019.

"Genocide, Violence, and Dictatorship" is one of the research foci at the Department for Contemporary History (Institut für Zeitgeschichte), which is part of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna. Research focuses on the emergence and implementation of violent, totalitarian regimes, and also on how the impact of those regimes continues to have an effect on society after they end. There is a particular interest in the era of fascism and Stalinism, and National Socialism and the Holocaust, which are analysed from political, legal, economic, social, cultural, and gender-historical points of view along with the time preceding and following these eras.

"I’m really looking forward to placing my expertise on global war and conflict studies and my 'transcultural Asian perspectives' in the vibrant academic environment of Vienna, with its many institutions, museums, and academies. Especially connecting to Holocaust studies is one of the main advantages of me shifting to Vienna," von Lingen says about her new position.

Dr. Kerstin von Lingen is an associate member of the HCTS and was Junior Research Group leader of JRG "Transcultural Justice: Legal Flows and the Emergence of International Justice within the East Asian War Crimes Trials, 1945–1954." For the duration of the winter semester 2018/19, she is the interim professor for Global History – focusing on the 19th and 20th century – at the Department of History of Heidelberg University.




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