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New Junior Research Groups

Apr 08, 2013

Four new Junior Research Groups / Independent Research Groups are established at the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context". They focus on transcultural justice, the dynamics of Pentecostalism, agrarian alternatives, and Islamic developments outside the Arabic world.

The research group "Transcultural Justice: Legal Flows and the Emergence of International Justice within the East Asian War Crimes Trials, 1946-1954" examines the interaction between War Crimes trials policy in Europe and Asia after 1945. In particular, it focuses on the Legal Committee of the United Nations War Crimes Commission in London and the Sub-Commission for the Far East at Chongking, as well as on selected case studies of prosecution in East Asia (Dutch/French case, Sino-Soviet legal relations). The group is managed by Dr. Kerstin von Lingen who previously served as a lecturer in the Cluster's Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies.

"Transcultural Dynamics of Pentecostalism: Pentecostal Christianity between Globalisation and State Control in Singapore" is the topic of a research group led by Dr. Katja Rakow. It focuses on the transformation of late-modern Pentecostal moral codes and modes of subjectivation, questions of identity, and the negotiation of boundaries (e.g. global/local, national/transnational, public/private, secular/religious) in the nexus of globalising processes and localised public spheres in contemporary Singapore. Dr. Katja Rakow previously worked at Heidelberg University's Institute for Religions Studies.

The research group "Agrarian Alternatives: Agrarian Crisis, Global Concerns and the Contested Agro-ecological Futures in South Asia" focuses on emerging alternative agricultures in the in the context of rural uncertainty and crisis. The project critically investigates projects, practices, institutions and technologies that claim to contribute to a more ecologically sustainable, viable and socially just framework for South Asian agriculture. Ethnographic case studies at different scales aim to identify spaces of possibility and hope that open up in agrarian experiments and innovations. The project locates agrarian alternatives in a global perspective by documenting the exchange of knowledge, technologies and concerns between farmers, experts and global debates about economic and environmental futures. The group is coordinated by the anthropologist Dr. Daniel Münster who comes from the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg to Heidelberg.

To analyse religious aspects of exchanges across cultural, geographic, linguistic and media borders, the Cluster will also establish a research group in the field of Islamic Studies. It will focus on Islam beyond the Arabic-speaking countries. The research group is expected to start in summer 2013.

Junior Research Groups / Independent Research Groups are to further develop the transcultural and transdisciplinary research potential of the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context," to strengthen its capabilities to handle transcultural issues that cross cultural, geographic, linguistic and media borders, and to open career paths in transcultural studies for promising PhD and post-doctoral researchers. Each group consists of three to four members and is led by a Group Leader with the responsibility to design the group’s project, to help in recruiting first class PhD candidates for the group; to supervise the group’s Ph.D. candidates, and to manage and monitor the group´s research activities as well as its interactions with other Cluster research. The project duration is three years with an option for an extension in the case of outstanding results and a high-quality follow-up project.

Further information about the Cluster's Junior Research Groups


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