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Joseph Maran gave Ventris Memorial Lecture

Jun 07, 2017

Prof. Joseph Maran, Director of the Cluster “Asia and Europe”, gave the “Michael Ventris Memorial Lecture” at the University of London on May 17. It focused on “Tiryns-From the Rise of Its Palace to the Post-Palatial Resurgence”.

Prof. Maran’s lecture dealt with three centuries in the history of Tiryns. From its seemingly sudden growth into a major Mycenaean center in the 14th century BC and then - following the destruction of the palace - to its re-emergence as the most important locale in the Argolid during the 12th century BC. Clear evidence has emerged that the northwestern sector of the Lower Town was developed systematically in the 12th century. A process of urbanization that bears some resemblance to town planning in Cyprus at that time is visible. Yet these developments were relatively short-lived and, after roughly two generations, abandoned. The results of recent excavations that were presented in his lecture, thus continue to provide new insights into the post-palatial era at Tiryns and beyond.

The Michael Ventris Memorial Lecture takes place every two years at London University’s Institute of Classical Studies. It aims at celebrating Michael Ventris’ contribution to nowadays understanding of Mycenaean Greece, as also Aegean prehistory in general. Therefore, the Institute invites leading excavators so they can present their fieldwork in Greece with a special emphasis on new discoveries at palatial centers.

Joseph Maran is Director of the Cluster “Asia and Europe” and Professor of Pre- and Protohistory at Heidelberg University. Furthermore, he coordinates the research projects D2 “Materiality and Practice”, MC8 “Appropriating Innovations” and MC8.1 “Society and Innovation”.


Pictures: (1) Dr. Ulrich Thaler, Dr. Alkestis Papadimitriou and Prof. Joseph Maran, (2) Prof. Joseph Maran


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  • Wallpainting from the Mycenaean Palace of Tiryns in the 13th. century BCE

  • Acropolis of Tiryns in the 12th century BCE