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Johanna Beamish receives award for dissertation

Nov 22, 2018

Cluster associate member Dr. Johanna Beamish was awarded an "Albert Ballin Awards for Globalization Research" for her dissertation "Im Transit auf dem Ozean." The prize was awarded by Hapag-Lloyd AG for innovative and critical research on processes and problems of globalization.

On November 9, cluster associate member Dr. Johanna Beamish was awarded one of three Albert Ballin Awards, the "Albert Ballin Awards for Globalization," presented by Hapag-Lloyd AG at a gala reception in Hamburg City Hall. The award honors Dr. Beamish‘s dissertation Im Transit auf dem Ozean – Schiffszeitungen als Dokumente globaler Verbindungen im 19. Jahrhundert, which was published in August. The book is based on her research at the Cluster "Asia and Europe" and analyses the transit experience of passengers aboard intercontinental vessels by examining newspapers written and edited aboard ship.

The "Albert Ballin Awards for Globalization Research," worth 5.000 euros, is awarded to up-and-coming young academics and researchers whose research broadens and deepens understanding of the opportunities and risks of globalization in an exemplary manner. The awards promote innovative and critical projects that use social science, the humanities and cultural studies to investigate the processes and problems of globalization, thereby laying the groundwork for responsible action in the future. Hapag-Lloyd AG established the awards for the first time in 2018, the prizes will be awarded every four years. Hapag-Lloyd AG is one of the leading service providers in the global container transport sector. Albert Ballin was a former shipping company executive at Hapag-Lloyd AG.

Dr. Johanna Beamish was a member of the Cluster Asia and Europe in a Global Context and conducted her Phd project, "Experiencing transit in a globalizing world: Shipboard periodicals aboard intercontinental vessels in the 19th century" within the research group MC12 Floating Spaces: Ships as Floating Transcultural Spaces. She defended her Phd in November 2016 and has been working for the Max Weber Foundation – German Humanities Institutes Abroad since January 2017.


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  • Johanna Baemish delivering her acceptance speech | © Hapag Lloyd AG

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