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HRA Workshop Week 2014

Feb 05, 2014

The Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA) hosted their annual workshop week at the Karl Jaspers Centre from February 10 to 17. Cluster members as well as university members were invited to participate in training sessions on numerous topics, such as digitization, data analysis and photography.

The HRA offered workshops on the usage of programmes like Photoshop, Adobe Connect or Picasa. Furthermore, participants had the possibility to learn about project promotion, IT-services, poster design and video based fieldwork. This year’s schedule did not only contain the full number of courses offered last year, but also two new workshops on network graphics. The workshop week was organised, on behalf of the Heidelberg Research Architecture, by Simon Grüning.

Under the umbrella of the Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA), IT scientists, software developers, database architects, academically trained professionals in e-learning as well as IT support staff collaborate with researchers and students at the Cluster to form an integrated digital humanities environment for interdisciplinary and internationally distributed studies of transcultural dynamics.

The HRA's agenda thus covers the entire range from developing sophisticated metadata frameworks for making transcultural relations traceable and analysable across diverse media types (texts, images, films, audio) and disparate objects (texts, concepts, social networks) to offering IT support for the Karl Jaspers Centre.

For more information please see the schedule down below. To sign up please fill in the registration form.



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