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HRA Training on XML Web Application Design

Feb 24, 2014

The Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA) organises a series of training sessions on designing web applications. The workshops take place in the Karl Jaspers Centre on six dates throughout February and March.

The workshop will be held by Wolfgang Meier. It is financed by HRA and eXist Solutions GmbH. Among the around 15 participants are researchers from the SARIT project, Cluster projects and the HRA. The gained knowledge on designing web application is to help participating scholars to simplify their research e. g. by designing their own, XML-based applications.

In training sessions participants learn how to build a web application with search, analysis and export possibilities out of any XML dataset. The first training sessionaddressed simple queries and evaluation in the query language XPath. Participants learned how to query TEI text documents using XPath. Those basic building blocks will be combined into more complex programs using the programming language XQuery. During the last two sessions, participants will be able to already build their own websites in order to evaluate and display data.

The Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA) is the division of Digital Humanities at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe” at Heidelberg University. In close collaboration with the research projects it serves as partner and consultant throughout the lifetime of projects, from conceptualization to accompanying assistance to finalization and online publishing of research results.

The HRA cooperates among others with eXist Solutions, a company providing support and knowledge helping organisations to exploit structured and un-structured information based on XML and related standards. Wolfgang Meier is director of eXist Solutions and founder of the Open Source XML Database, eXist. He has more than 14 years experience in XML-based applications.


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