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HEKKSaGOn Student Workshop at the Cluster

Sep 12, 2013

A group of students from Osaka University, Japan, and Heidelberg University visited the Cluster on September 10th. They gave presentations on issues of globalisation and connections between Asian and German academia. Osaka University is a partner in the HeKKSaGOn Consortium. The visit was organised by Prof. Harald Fuess.

In the first presentation, Michihito Yoshime spoke about “Globalization and the Ideal Communication Community”. His talk was followed by Tetsuya Yamamoto, who examined the question “Can Globalists read Nietzsche "well"?”. A deeper insight into the “The role of university in the 21th century” presented Seiichi Morimoto while Sven Matthiessen focused on "Japanese Pan-Asianism and the Philippines". Finally, Yufei Zhou concluded the workshop with a historical perspective on “An Entangled Reception: K. A. Wittfogel in Japan and China 1926 – 1945”.

HeKKSaGon is a University Consortium, established in 2010, consisting of three German and three Japanese Universities. It stands for Heidelberg Kyoto Karlsruhe Sendai Göttingen Osaka – network. The aim of the consortium is to step up collaboration in research and teaching, initiate joint research projects and graduate programmes and support the exchange of scholars, scientists, doctoral candidates and students.

Prof. Harald Fuess is Chair of “Cultural Economic History” at the Cluster and Scientific Coordinator of HeKKSaGOn at Heidelberg University.


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