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Heidelberg University hosts 7th HeKKSaGOn President's Conference

Sep 05, 2019

The Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies will host a graduate student workshop as part of the HeKKSaGOn alliance’s 7th German-Japanese University Presidents’ Conference. From September 11-13, the HeKSKaGOn alliance will conduct a large-scale German-Japanese interdisciplinary conference with more then 220 participants.

Heidelberg University through its HeKKSaGOn alliance maintains an important strategic partnership with the universities of Kyoto, Tohoku and Osaka as well as Göttingen and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. At the HCTS, Prof. Harald Fuess keeps the contact with the alliance.

During the HeKKSaGOn conference, different working groups will present the results of ongoing cooperation and discuss future ventures. Within the working group “Humanities and Social Sciences,” a graduate student workshop will take place at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies on the new CATS Campus on September 11 and an academic conference on September 12-13 in the buildings of the Neue Universität.  

The overall theme of the working group – throughout the year of 2019 – is on transcultural encounters. Thus, on the morning of September 12, there will also be a tour of the CATS campus in Bergheim and presentations of the strategies and structures of the new Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS).

The University of Heidelberg maintains an intensive international cooperation with all three Japanese HeKKSaGOn universities, that are also interesting for students and graduate students at the HCTS. With Kyoto University, there is an Joint M.A. Degree programme in Transcultural Studies and student exchanges at the B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. level in Asian and Transcultural Studies as well as a university-wide student exchange. With Tohoku University there is a cooperation for a Joint Degree Doctoral Programme in International Japanese Studies with the Graduate School of Letters, a Joint Degree Doctoral Programme with the Graduate School of Law as well as a university-wide student exchange. With Osaka University there is an agreement for a M.A. student exchange in Japanese Studies as well as a university-wide student exchange.

Moreover, a visiting scholars exchange program with all three universities has been supported by the Toshiba International Foundation and the German Exchange Service that enables Japanese professors to teach at Heidelberg University and German scholars to research and teach at our partner universities in Japan.


You can find the press release by Heidelberg University about the conference here.


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