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HCTS welcomes first Fellows

Feb 28, 2014

In March, the first five fellows will start their research at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS). Later this year nine more fellows will join.

The HCTS welcomes a group of junior and senior fellows from Heidelberg University and visiting fellows from institutions worldwide. They will pursue their own research and engage in discussions with other scholars at the HCTS.

Senior fellows starting in March are Prof. Dr. Günter Leypoldt from the English Department and Prof. Dr. Robert Folger from the Institute of Romance Studies at Heidelberg University. Their research will focus on "Transcultural Economies of Aesthetic Value in the Age of Academic Literary Studies", and “Science, Fiction and Early Modernity: The Discovery of Man in the Global Spanish Empire”, respectively.

Junior fellow Dr. Giulia Pelillo from the Institute of Romance Studies at Heidelberg University will work on a project called "Language Diversity in the European Public Sphere(s): a Space under Construction". "Appropriation in a Contact Zone: Interactions with foreign objects and technologies in Southern Bulgaria in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age" is the title of Dr. Philipp Stockhammer’s project. Philipp Stockhammer works at the Institute for Prehistory and Early History and Near Eastern Archaeology in Heidelberg and joins the HCTS as the second junior fellow.

As the first visiting fellow Prof. Dr. Nadja-Christina Schneider from the Humboldt University in Berlin will work on her project "Youth Protests in the City: Medialised Delhi and an emerging genre of urban film".

Later this year, nine more fellows will join the HCTS. Senior fellows starting in September are Prof. Dr. Hans Martin Krämer (Japanese Studies) and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Poppenberg (Institute for Romance Studies). Further isiting fellows are Prof. Dr. Daniel Leonhard Purdy from Pennsylvania State University starting in June, and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gleixner (Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel), Dr. Rebecca Gould (Yale-NUS College, Singapore), Dr. Helena Grinshpun (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), Prof. Dr. Susanne Marten-Finnis (University of Portsmouth, UK), Prof. Dr. Helle Vandkilde (Aarhus University, Denmark), and Dr. Maria Zarifi (Hellenic Open University, Greece), who will all join in in September.

Founded in April 2013, the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) is an Institute for Advanced Study situated at the Karl Jaspers Centre of Heidelberg University. Building on the structures established by the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context", it assembles outstanding scholars from all over the world and from any discipline to engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue with a focus on the dynamics of global transcultural processes.


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