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HCTS Stadtgespräch at Karl Jaspers Centre

Jul 23, 2018

On Friday, July 27 at 6 pm, the HCTS Stadtgespräch "Flüchtlingsbetreuung: Ehemalige Heimleiter/innen berichten aus den Krisenjahren 2015 und 2016" took place at the Karl Jaspers Centre. It was the fourth event in a series initiated at the HCTS to engage in conversations with members of the Heidelberg community.

The fourth Heidelberg Stadtgespräch, organized by Dr. Eliane Ettmüller, is titled "Flüchtlingsbetreuung: Ehemalige Heimleiter/innen berichten aus den Krisenjahren 2015 und 2016." The event comprised a book presentation of the volume "Flüchtlingsunterkunft Vordere Zollamtsstrasse 7, Wien Mitte. Ein Massenquartier wird zum Haus der Möglichkeiten" and a roundtable discussion with Dr. Kira Schmidt Stiedenroth, Prof. Karin Harather, Felix Kugele, and Dr. Eliane Ettmüller.

Kira Schmidt Stiedenroth, Felix Kugele, and Dr. Eliane Ettmüller talked about their work as heads of refugee houses in Düsseldorf and Vienna and Karin Harather gave insight into her project of designing spaces with students and refugees in the Austrian capital. The book they presented narrates the story of how an empty building in Vienna developed from being a transition centre for refugees into a "house of possibilities." The editors of the book — Karin Harather and Eliane Ettmüller — both work in this building. They examine the situation of the arriving refugees from different points of view and want to encourage rethinking and commitment on a personal and institutional level.

The event will be held in German.

The HCTS Stadtgespräch was initiated in 2017 to establish a lasting connection with the city of Heidelberg and its citizens. The format seeks to create a platform for dialogue and discussion and wishes for researchers and citizens to come together and connect. The events, which can be lectures, discussions, film screenings or concerts amongst others, also always include a representative of the city of Heidelberg and take place in well-known places across the town.


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  • Photo: Der Standard | © Matthias Cremer