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Harald Fuess appointed to Advisory Board of Tohoku University

Mar 04, 2016

Prof. Harald Fuess, Chair of Cultural Economic History, has been appointed to the five-member International Advisory Board of Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. He will be a board member for the period of 2016 to 2023.

In addition to his service on the International Advisory Board, Professor Fuess has been invited as a Visiting Faculty Fellow for The 21st Century Hasekura Project in Japanese Studies at the Tohoku University Center for Creativity.

Tohoku University and Heidelberg University are cooperating in a number of programmes. Tohoku is a core partner with Heidelberg in the German-Japanese HeKKSaGOn Alliance. The aim of this consortium is to intensify scientific cooperation as well as ensure the sustainability of transnational initiatives and projects. Further, the Heidelberg Faculty of Philosophy and the Tohoku Faculty of Law and Political Science maintain a double degree PhD degree program. Close research and graduate training cooperation exists in the Heidelberg fields of humanities with those of Tohoku University. Former Cluster research fellow Orion Klautau is now Associate Professor at Tohoku University.

Prof. Harald Fuess holds the Chair of Cultural Economic History at the Cluster "Asia and Europe". His current research explores the intersection of the global and the local by assessing the wide economic and cultural impact of Western industrial capitalism on Nineteenth-Century East Asia through case studies of disease control, arms trade, consular court jurisdiction, international trade mark disputes, multinational business history as well as the transcultural fusion of consumer cultures.

Tohoku University is one of Japan’s leading research universities and recipient of a “Top Global University” grant to further its international academic profile of excellence.


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