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Graduation Ceremony 2017

Nov 27, 2017

The graduation ceremony of the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS) and MA Transcultural Studies 2017 took place on November 23 at the Karl Jaspers Centre. Students of both programs participated in the ceremony with their families, friends and further members of the Cluster and received their certificates.

The ceremony started with welcoming remarks by Co-Director Prof. Nikolas Jaspert, who congratulated the students on their hard work and achievements. He also thanked them for contributing to the Cluster “Asia and Europe” and Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies. Then, Prof. Harald Fuess, Master Programme Speaker, took the podium. He looked back on the MA Transcultural Studies since it was established in 2011 and stressed its innovative character. He also reflected on the fact that failure forces us to rethink what really matters and helps us focus on what is important. He also recommended the students to follow their heart, passion and dreams. In 2017, 29 Master students graduated in the MA Transcultural Studies, many of whom were present at the ceremony. Two Master students gave speeches and looked back on how the intellectual atmosphere at the Cluster and HCTS helped them to address their transcultural questions.

After the Master students were presented with their certificates, Prof. Monica Juneja addressed the students in GPTS-6. She stressed what an inspired and varied group they had been and how strikingly the students had used the transcultural framework to develop their own topics. She also stated that sustainability does not come from the top, but from below. Prof. Juneja said that the research every student does at the Cluster adds to this basis and that the work they produce represents what the Cluster and HCTS are standing for. She also thanked Jule Nowoitnick, Graduate Programme Manager, Dr. Takuma Melber, Master Programme Coordinator, and Marian Gallenkamp, who is charge of the MA Transcultural Studies Examination Office, for their work.

The GPTS students gave a demonstration of where they traveled in the world to conduct their research and made it visible, how their research brought them to manifold and interesting places around the globe.  Afterwards, Prof. Jaspert presented the certificates to the GPTS students. The ceremony ended in a warm atmosphere with all the students and professors enjoying talks with each other, having finger food and drinks.

The Cluster “Asia and Europe” houses two interdisciplinary and international teaching programmes. In 2008 the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies was established as three year, structured PhD programme. In 2011 it was followed by the M.A. Transcultural Studies, a two year, research orientated master programme. In line with the Cluster‘s research aims, both programmes strive to enhance the understanding of the multi-layered interactions between and within Asia and Europe by examining the processes of exchange between cultures and establishing the concept of transculturality as a basic approach in the humanities and social sciences.


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