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Film Documentation “Pearl Harbor”

Dec 02, 2016

Takuma Melber, Research Fellow and lecturer in the MATS at the Cluster, was interviewed for in the documentaries “Pearl Harbor” and “Expedition Pearl Harbor” by German TV broadcaster ZDF. The two films will be shown on ZDF and ZDFinfo, on December 4 and December 11 respectively.

December 7, 2016 is the 75th anniversary of Japan’s torpedo bomber attacks on Pearl Harbor. The historical event led to the USA entering the Second World War, and ultimately to the defeat of Japan and Germany. The documentaries “Pearl Harbor” and “Expedition Pearl Harbor” will look at the “USS Arizona”, the underwater national memorial for the soldiers who were buried in the ship. During the films, new images from this expedition will be shown and insights embedded in the historical background be presented. Takuma Melber, along with marine researchers and veterans of the attack, was invited to discuss the historical context of the day that changed the world.

Takuma Melber is Research Fellow and lecturer at the M.A. Transcultural Studies at the Cluster “Asia and Europe”. His research interests include Japanese Occupation Policy in Southeast Asia, the Second World War in Asia-Pacific Area, modern history of Japan, culture of violence, war imprisonment, human intelligence, and compulsory labour. He is holder of the Wilhelm-Deist Prize for Military History.

Melber’s new book on “Pearl Harbor - Japan’s Attack and the Entry of the US into the War” (“Pearl Harbor - Japans Angriff und der Kriegseintritt der USA”) was published by C. H. Beck in October, 2016. In this book, he looks into the historical process and consequences of the attack of Japan on Pearl Harbor – an historic event which numerous conspiracy theories are based on, and demonstrates close-up perspectives of various actors, including that of the Japanese attackers.

The documentary “Pearl Harbor”, which is about 45 minutes long, will be shown on German television channel ZDF (Zweite Deutsche Fernsehen) in the programme ZDF-History, on December 4, at 23:25. And the re-run will be on December 5, at 18:45, on ZDFinfo, a sister channel of ZDF.

The other documentary, “Expedition Pearl Harbor” is scheduled on December 11 at 20:15, on ZDFinfo.

The documentary “Pearl Harbor” will be available on the website of ZDF from December 3, 23:00.

Takuma Melber is also featured in the WDR radio program "ZeitZeichen". The podcast is available on the website of the radio station.

To read more about his new book, please visit the publisher’s website.


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