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Film Series "FILM AB!" organised by Christiane Brosius

Jul 05, 2011

A film by Anne Scheuing about hospital clowns was shown on July 5th, 2011. The screening was part of the film series "FILM AB!" organised by Christiane Brosius, Cluster Professor for Visual and Media Anthropology.

The movie series "FILM AB!" organised by Prof. Brosius and the Institute of Ethnology, Heidelberg University, ran throughout the summer term 2011. Four different films, three of which are made by Cluster affiliates, were screened at the Karl Jaspers Centre and at the Institute of Ethnology. All events were open to the interested public and admission was free. The filmmakers were present during and after the screening.

The series started on May 3rd with the documentary "Transnationalmannschaft" about two predominantly immigrant districts of the city of Mannheim, made by Philipp Kohl who is a member of a research project “B11 New Urban Imaginaries”. Made during the FIFA World Cup 2010, the feature conceptualises two neighbourhoods as transcultural spaces.

The second film titled "Wenn Götter wandern: die heilige Pilgerreise des Gottkönigs 'Jakh' im Zentralhimalaya" was shown on June 14th. It narrates about the sacred king 'Jakh', his pilgrimage in the Central Himalayas, and the relationships between the deity and his servants. The documentary was made by the Cluster member Dr. Karin Polit together with Sarah Ewald and Frank Pfeiffer.

The third feature by Kesang Tseten, a Nepali filmmaker of Tibetan origin, continued the series on June 21. The movie "In Search of the Riyal" is the first part of a trilogy about Nepali migrant workers in the Arabian Gulf. It uncovers devastating effects of Nepal’s becoming a pipeline of cheap labour for the Gulf. Kesang Tseten comes to Heidelberg University on invitation of Prof. Brosius.

The movie of Anne Scheuing called “Nase auf, Nase ab” closed the round on July 5th. This documentary focuses on hospital clowns who visit children in different medical facilities. Anne Scheuing is a member of the newly established Cluster film crew.

Prof. Christiane Brosius holds the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology at the Cluster “Asia and Europe” and coordinates the following projects: B3 Urban Sensories, B4 Transcultural Visuality, B8 Rethinking Gender, B11 New Urban Imaginaries, B18 Beaming Romantic Love, D13 Multi-Centred Modernisms, HRA2 Global Heroes, HRA3 Visual Database Enhancement, HRA6 HyperEvaluation, and HRA9 Satellites of Networks.  

Click here for more detailed information (PDF format). 


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