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Fellowship of Harald Fuess at Marsilius-Kolleg

Jan 04, 2018

Prof. Harald Fuess, Professor for Cultural Economic History at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, was appointed as a Fellow of the Marsilius-Kolleg. The fellowship will start in April 2018 with a duration of one year.

The Marsilius-Kolleg aims to enhance an interdisciplinary dialogue between participating scholars and bridges the gap between the sciences and the humanities. Fellows join weekly colloquiums and investigate in interdisciplinary projects an important topic or pressing problem of our time. The appointment followed a selection by the University's rectorate. It applied criteria such as scholarly excellence, confirmed by publications, and a proposal that demands for collaboration with other scholarly disciplines and an interdisciplinary background - in Prof. Fuess’ case, with Profs. Till Bäringhausen (Public Health) and Axel Dreher (Economic Science).

Prof. Fuess’ main interest lies in the exploration of health issues in Japan with a focus on Japanese medical history, its public health and long-term government policy. Within his fellowship, Fuess will do research on Japans solutions to demographic challenges as paradigmatic case and looks forward to interchange with colleagues of related fields such as the medical and public health or economics.

The fellowship is appointed by the rectorate on the base of a recommendation by the selection committee. Both scientists from the University Heidelberg as well as from surrounding non-universitarian institutions are invited to apply in an annual cycle. The fellowship aims to relieve participants from their duties as lecturers or provides visiting professorships for participants from abroad.

Harald Fuess has been Professor of History at Heidelberg University since 2009 and holds the professorship for Cultural Economic History at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies.


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