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Ethnographic Photography in Asia and Europe

Nov 28, 2013

What role does photography play in anthropology? This was the key question of a seminar and an exhibition at the Kunstverein Heidelberg organized by Cathrine Bublatzky (Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology) in cooperation with the Heidelberg Research Architecture.

Project topics were among others "Blitztourismus in Heidelberg", "Kopfbarrieren: Leben mit Behinderung", "Capoeira", "Quo Vadis, Friedhof?" or "Hostel-Kultur" allowing students to deal with chances as well as limits photography provides as research tool or research object. Thereby further aspects were of interest: What is ethnographic photography? How does an anthropologist behave with a camera in the field and what does this mean for the people photographed? What kind of role does photography play in different cultural contexts and what are the possibilities of analyzing and presenting photographic material? Against this backdrop students produced ethnographic photo-essays that allow insights into anthropological themes and methods.

View some of the photo essays online


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  • Tourists in Heidelberg, 2013. Copyright: Christin Grote