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Textbook on the History of the 19th Century

Nov 26, 2013

The modern age between 1789 and 1914 is the topic of a new textbook by Prof. Monica Juneja and PD Dr. Roland Wenzlhuemer. The two Cluster members describe the history of the 19th century in Europe from a global perspective.

The book "Die Neuzeit 1789-1914" provides an overview of the long history of the 19th century, ranging from the French Revolution to World War I. Among other topics, the authors explain the concept of the Ancien R├ęgime, the reasons for the emerging nationalism, the multi-ethnic empires of Russia, Habsburg and Ottoman, European colonialism in Asia and Africa, the rise of the workers and the fateful events leading to World War I. As a result, the textbook is an excellent source for students interested in getting a glimpse of the subject. The book "Die Neuzeit 1789-1914" - 255 pages, available also via Amazon - was published by the UVK Verlagsgesellschaft in 2013.

Monica Juneja is Professor of Global Art History at the Cluster "Asia and Europe" since January 2009. Before her assignment in Heidelberg, she was Visiting Professor at Emory University, Atlanta, USA. She has been Professor at the University of Delhi, India, and has held visiting professorial positions at the Universities of Vienna and Hannover in addition to research and teaching assignments at the Universities of Bielefeld, Halle a. d. Saale and Heidelberg.

PD Dr. Roland Wenzlhuemer is coordinator of the Cluster's interdisciplinary research group MC12 "Floating Spaces" and Heisenberg-Fellow at Heidelberg University's History Department. At present, he is Visiting Professor at the Institute for European Global Studies at the University of Basel. Previously, he coordinated the Junior Research Group B9 "Information Flows" at the Cluster.


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