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Cooperation with Kansai University

Jun 01, 2012

Various international institutions cooperate with the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context". Kansai University is one of its key partners.

Kansai University┬┤s Institute for Cultural Interaction Studies consists of educational and research departments for the study of East Asian cultural interaction. Its goal is to create a new cultural image of East Asia and its research projects avoid viewing East Asian regions as isolated units. The Instead, the institute looks at East Asia as a cultural conglomerate pieced together by unbroken chains of cultural contacts.       

Kansai University is a private non-sectarian and coeducational university located in Osaka, Japan. It was founded as Kansai Law School in November 1886. Since then, Kansai University has considerably widened its scope by offering studies in Economics, Commerce, Sociology, Policy Studies, Foreign Language Studies, Health and Well-being, Informatics, Safety Science, Engineering Science, Environmental and Urban Engineering, as well as Chemistry and Bioengineering. Together with its attached senior and junior high schools Kansai University has a total student body of 30.000.  

The Cluster cooperates closely with its international partners, for instance with Harvard University, University of Chicago, Duke University, Arizona State University, Peking University, Kanagawa University, Kyoto University, University of Hong Kong, and University of Zurich, the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and the German Commission for UNESCO.  


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