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Conference on Transcultural Framing(s)

Oct 31, 2014

"Transcultural Framing(s): Materials and Metaphors" was the title of a conference organised by the interdisciplinary research group MC4 "Frames". It took place at the Karl Jaspers Centre from October 31 to November 2, 2014.

The ubiquity, diversity and dynamics of frames have been studied from a diverse array of disciplinary angles: during the past decades, sociologists, philosophers, linguists, art historians as well as students of literature and media have all contributed to a vibrant and by now truly interdisciplinary field of research. Yet, to date, very few studies have examined the role of frames and framing in transcultural interactions. This conference was designed to fill this lacuna. It explored the multiple ways in which material, textual, rhetorical, conceptual, linguistic, digital, and other framing devices were mobilized in circulations of objects, images, texts, and ideas between Asia and Europe since the early modern period.


Focusing on the forms and functions of concrete acts of transcultural engineering, the conference addressed questions such as: To what extent do transcultural frames and framing practices differ from their intracultural counterparts? What role do patterns of mobility and hybridity as well as techniques of nesting play in the making of transcultural frames and framings? And what are the specific tools and strategies based on which material frames and literary devices such as paratexts are constructed? Moving flexibly between frame and framework, object and text, case study and theoretical reflection, the aim of the organisers was to probe the extent to which transcultural perspectives can alter the understanding of frames and framings.


The conference "Transcultural Framing(s): Materials and Metaphors" was organised by Anna Grasskamp, Hans Harder, Joachim Kurtz, Rui Magone, Duncan Paterson, Melanie Trede and Benjamin Zachariah with support of Swarali Paranjape and Charlotte Treschau on behalf of the interdisciplinary research group MC4 "Frames".


Visit the conference website for further information



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