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Cluster Members present Research at SOAS

Sep 17, 2013

Dr. Kerstin von Lingen, Anja Bihler and Lisette Schouten, members of Junior Research Group “Transcultural Justice”, attended a conference on the United Nations War Crimes Commission. The conference took place at the School of Oriental and Asian Studies (SOAS) in London on the 10th and 11th of September.

At the conference, Dr. Kerstin von Lingen gave a talk on the expectations of “smaller” Allied governments toward a new, supra-national war crimes policy in the early 40ies, with a special focus on the Czech delegation. Her talk was based on her research at the Cluster “Asia and Europe” and on the work of the Junior Research Group “Transcultural Justice”.

The conference “Reinforcing International Human Rights Standards: Lessons from the United Nations War Crimes Commission” was being held to mark the 70th anniversary of the creation of the UN War Crimes Commission. The conference’s aim was to evaluate the potential contribution of the Commission’s work to contemporary efforts for international criminal justice and human rights advocacy. With a focus on the key issues discussed by the Commission and addressed by member nations through their national trials, the conference examines themes including the prosecution of sexual violence, torture, crimes against humanity and collective responsibility.

Dr. Kerstin von Lingen leads the Junior Research Group “Transcultural Justice”. Anja Bihler and Lisette Schouten both follow their PhD projects within this research group.
The conference was hosted by the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD) at the SOAS and the International Bar Association, with the support of the Oak Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and in cooperation with the Wiener Library, American University War Crimes Research Office, and the American Bar Association Center for Human Rights.


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  • Anja Bihler, Lisette Schouten and Dr. Kerstin von Lingen at the Conference.