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Cluster held General Meeting

Feb 16, 2018

On Thursday afternoon, February 8, the Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies held its second General Meeting in the winter semester 2017/2018. The meeting took place at the Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies.

Acting Director Prof. Barbara Mittler headed the meeting and welcomed the members of the Cluster and HCTS. She first gave an update about the latest publications. Prof. Mittler then informed the audience that Dr. Andrea Hacker, who has managed the editing office for eight years, is leaving the Cluster and that the Directorate thanked her for her work. She furthermore outlined that Russell Ó Ríagaín will temporarily head the Publications office. In a next step, Prof. Mittler announced the latest grants and appointments. She also welcomed PD Dr. Maria Ivanova-Bieg, who is currently working on her project on Transcultural Forays.

In respect to the Professorship for Buddhist Studies, Prof. Mittler welcomed to Michael Radich, who will be Interim Professor for the winter summer semester 2018. She also announced that applications for lectureship in Tibetan had been reviewed and a selection made. In addition, the call for applications for Assistant Professor in Buddhist Studies was placed.

With respect to the CATS, Prof. Mittler illustrated that the construction and as well the refurbishing of the old buildings is well under way. The interior is currently being planned and the construction work is scheduled to be concluded by fall. A new steering committee constituted by all institutions forming CATS will be established at the beginning of the upcoming summer semester to decide on further matters regarding CATS. The opening celebrations is planned to take place in the summer semester 2019.

Prof. Mittler also gave an update about the HCTS’ programme "Transcultural Forays" and mentioned that a new call for startup, activity and publication grants will be placed soon to support the conceptualization of more research projects at the HCTS. She also highlighted that the "HCTS Stadtgespräch" now provides a new and innovative format of public outreach.

Finally, Mittler announced that student conference on "The Theory and Practice of Transculturation", which is organized by the Student Association, the Fachschaft, will take on April 27.

The next General Meeting will take place on April 19th, 4 pm.


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