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Closing Ceremony of MATS and GPTS 2015

Jan 12, 2016

The closing ceremony of the Master and Graduate Programmes 2015 took place on December 8 at the Karl Jaspers Centre. Students of both programmes reviewed their studies at the Cluster and received their graduation certificates.

The ceremony started with welcoming remarks by Prof. Dr. Joseph Maran. The co-director of the Cluster congratulated the students for their hard work and achievements. Jule Nowoitnick, the Graduate and Master Programme Manager, gave an introduction to the MATS (M.A. Transcultural Studies), followed by a speech by Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius. Prof. Brosius looked back the past two years of the graduating MA students and wished them all the best for their life and future career. Subsequently, student representative Qiujie Zhang gave a graduation speech, reviewing her experience of studying at the Cluster. Later, the MA students went on the stage individually and received their certificates from Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz.

Same as the MA graduation part, the following GPTS (Graduate Programme of Transcultural Studies) part was opened by Jule Nowoitnick, introducing GPTS-4 to the audience. Subsequently, Prof. Brosius talked from “A Retrospective”, remembering the students’ excellent research and works in the past three years. Chun Xu, a doctoral student from GPTS-4, presented some photos of the group and shared their memories with the audience. Afterwards, Prof. Maran awarded the certificates to the students. The ceremony ended in the warm atmosphere with all the students and professors enjoying talks with each other, having finger food and drinks.

The Cluster houses two interdisciplinary and international teaching programmes. In 2008 the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies was established as three year, structured PhD programme. In 2011 it was followed by the M.A. Transcultural Studies, a two year, research orientated master programme. In line with the Cluster‘s research aims, both programmes strive to enhance the understanding of the multi-layered interactions between and within Asia and Europe by examining the processes of exchange between cultures and establishing the concept of transculturality as a basic approach in the humanities and social sciences.


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