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Certificates for Graduate Students

Oct 17, 2014

On Thursday evening, the third round of students of the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies received their certificates. The eight students were selected in 2011 out of nearly 200 applicants to pursue their doctoral degree within the framework of the Cluster.

After words of welcome by Cluster director Prof. Joseph Maran, Prof. Monica Juneja and Prof. Joachim Kurtz reviewed the proceedings of the third round of the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies. Also, Dr. Kerstin von Lingen and Oliver Lamers remembered some of the various activities ranging from lectures to excursions. Subsequently, the graduate students presented photos illustrating their perspective on the programme. The highlight, however, was the award of the certificates by Prof. Harald Fuess to the graduate students. The closing ceremony was enriched by musical performances of the trained jazz pianist Dr. Miriam Weiss.

The following graduate students have completed the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies this year:

Barlas, Zara

Envisioning India: Gendered Representations of South Asia in British Music and Visual Art between the Eighteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Bogdanova, Ievgeniia

The Transcultural Art of Bokujinkai Group - Between Avant-Garde Calligraphy and Abstract Painting

Chatterjee, Sukla

Gazing across the Divide in the Days of the Raj: The Imperial and the Colonized Women's Viewing of the 'Other'

Ishaq, Fiza

Karbala Imagery in the Contact Zone: The Making of Popular Shia Devotional Art

Kamola, Jadwiga

Lam Qua's Portraits of Patients: Approaches towards a Global Negative Aesthetics in the 19th Century

Sablin, Ivan

Disentangling Transcultural Spaces: Global Crossings and Boundary Construction in the Baikal Region, 1917–1923

Schouten, Lisette

War Crime Trials in Indonesia (1945–1955) and their Impact on Decolonisation and Transnational Legal Debates

Schumann, Matthias

Between Science and Superstition: Spirit-Writing Organizations in Early Republican China and their Quest for Legitimacy 

The Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies is a structured doctoral programme within the interdisciplinary research environment of the Cluster. The programme's institutional reference is the Karl Jaspers Centre, situated at Heidelberg University. In line with the Cluster's focus, the programme's research profile centres on the dynamics of cultural exchange processes between Asia and Europe. The Cluster challenges the master narrative of asymmetrical Western domination along with its historical explanation, its methodology, and the resulting structures of the humanities and social sciences.


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